AIR-FORCE 35mm Regular Mattress (Footpump Weight : 400g)
AIR-FORCE 35mm Hot Water Mattress
Double Wall Fabric
They are robust and solid made of double
wall fabric and cause no leaning or rolling
unlike the old mattresses.
What is double wall fabric?
It has a myriad of special polyester strands of yarn holding the upper and lower air layer tight in the material. Not only does the double wall fabric boast solid durability, but it endures twice as much pressure as the old pneumatic products. In a word, it is a breakthrough in the industry.
Features of Air Force mattresses
They boast solid durability compared with general air mats
(i.e. high frequency, foam, and inflatable mats).

We manufacture your order exactly the way you want through 100% manual processing,
minimizing any kind of inconvenience for the customer.
The air inflation/deflation method allows for easy carriage and storage.
Our products inhibit growth of all sorts of harmful bacteria as well as house dust mites.
We at Air Force manufacture all of our products ourselves and guarantee reliable after-sales service.
* Our air mattresses are not for play in water. Do NOT use them for play in water.
We offer 100% handmade
can be custom produced to various sizes.