AIR-FORCE Tent dedicated mattress
The AIR FORCE Tent Mattress Series is a specialty provided by AIR FORCE,
which fits the shape of the inner tent to the fullest,
not like the existing products that must be bent and distorted to fit the shape of the tent.
Our Tent Mattress can offer enough room for even a family of 4 or more.
Product advantage
The room within the inner tent can be utilized to the fullest.
No additional material needed for tent's floor work
(less baggage).
Fills the corners as much as possible, making it feel at one with the tent.
With the use of electric pump (sold separately),
it can be inflated rapidly.
Can be custom ordered to fit the size of the tent's floor.
The only difference between 7 and 10 is the height
of mat. You are recommended to choose 7(7cm) for
the floor mode only and 10(10cm) and a 12cm for
the combination of camp bed mode and floor mode.
Product detail picture (The mat exclusively for Weathermaster Cocoon manufactured by Kolon - Coleman)
Tent Mattress Applicable Tents and Manufacturers
KOVEA, Snowpeak, Northface, mountain equipment, Ogawa, WEEKENDERS, KOLON, Coleman, K2
Product Use Shape
In addition to a cocoon tent, inner tents can also have some space opposite to the entrance when they are longer than the air mat vertically. Please be aware of the space.